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 Jiangxi Hito Chemical Co.Ltd  located at Jiangxi xinghuo silicone industry zone which the largest zone of silicone industry in China ,  nearby the east  of Beijing-kolun railroad and the west of nangchang-jiujiang highway, the distane to nangchang is 45KM and  to nangchang airport is 25KM, the traffic is  very convenient. Hitochemical company which professional produce silicone fine chemical  products, include in  organopolysilane, silicone resin, modified silicone fluid ,Leveling agent,and their deeply-process products,  The products application include personal care, textile, coating, construction and agricultur etc.
 We have a strong group of technology, more then  50% engineer in total employee, We can be satisfied with develop product and serve for customer. The well relationship  of Co-opertation to local university and R&D intitute  for scientific research. We ride mentality of “ innovation in technology,  go ahead continue”, fundament of “the quality fist, the customer paramount”, try to do everything best for our customer and co-orperation. 
We know well, the devolpment of our enterprise is go with  your  expanding  business, our future is correlative with you !

We invent the future with you !

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silicone surfactants toronto spacer Personal-Care-Products
Agriculture Builiding materials protection
polyurethane foams toronto
Additives-for-Paints-Inks-&-Coatings Silicone-Surfactants-for-the-Polyurethane-Industry
Coating additive Chemical synthesis
polyurethane foams toronto
Additives-for-Paints-Inks-&-Coatings Silicone-Surfactants-for-the-Polyurethane-Industry
Personal care Textile & Leather

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No 6 ,Tianhong Road,Xinghuo industry zone,Youngxiu county,Jiujiang ,Jiangxi,China

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